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My passion is Fitness and Hellerwork

 If you are waiting for the right time, it is now.

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My fitness journey started in March 1998, when I purchased Bodies By Choice from two people who became my role models and inspired me more than they will ever know, Mike and Joyce Woodward. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. They built up a great business and taught me the “ins” and the “outs” of bodybuilding, dieting, and running a gym!
years in the Industry
Fit Chicks

Personal Training

Connect one-on-one and focus on a specific program catered to your needs.


Hellerwork is transformational bodywork that is designed to align your body with gravity and improve your posture.

Fitness Classes

Group classes are a great way to have fun and connect with others while getting your full body workout!

Nutritional Program

Nutrition is equally important when it comes to fitness and health. I offer an incredible 12 month Nutritional Program that is incredible and will transform your relationship to Nutrition.

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Upcoming Classes

4 week session
May 28th – June 22nd
Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s
1x week $50
2x week $100
3x week $150
10 class punchcard $135 (does not expire)
$15 drop in

Outdoor Fitness Classes Hanley School Playground

June 19th – July 24th

6:45pm – 7:45pm

$75 – 6 week session

Drop in $15

Candle Lake Fitness Classes!

July 30th – August 10th 2018!

Stay tuned for dates and times!

Waskateena Beach

$15 Drop In

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