Joseph Heller (1940), a former aerospace engineer for NASA, developed Hellerwork, a system of structural integration patterned after Rolfing.

During this period, he trained for six years with Dr. Ida P. Rolf (1896-1979), the founder of Rolfing, and became a certified Rolfer in 1972. After Heller developed his own system of bodywork, he founded Hellerwork in 1979 and established a training facility in Mt. Shasta, California, where he continues his work.

Hellerwork is based largely on the principles of Rolfing, in which the body’s connective tissue is manipulated or massaged to realign and balance the body’s structure. Because Heller believes that physical realignment is insufficient, however, he expanded his system to include movement education and verbal dialogue as well as deep tissue massage.


Hellerwork improves posture and brings the body’s natural structure into proper balance and alignment. This realignment can bring relief from general aches and pains; improve breathing; and relieve physical and mental stress.

There are many benefits provided by Hellerwork, including the

instantaneous ones, such as more flexibility, more energy, a better awareness of the body and its movements, reduced stress and an overall youthful feeling. In addition to these instant benefits, Hellerwork is thought to relieve, pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and repetitive stress injuries, chronic back, neck, shoulder, and joint pain, sciatica, planter fasciitis, and a variety of athletic injuries.

The massage therapy aspect of Hellerwork is designed to release the tension that exists in the deep connective tissue, called fascia, and return it to a normal alignment. The fascia is plastic and highly adaptable; it can tighten and harden in response to the general effects of gravity on the body, other ongoing physical stresses, negative attitudes and emotions, and periodic physical traumas. One example of ongoing physical stress is carrying a purse, which pulls up the shoulder on one side of the body. Over time, the connective tissue becomes hard and stiff; the body becomes adapted to that position even when the person is not carrying a purse. In trying to adjust to the uneven weight distribution, the rest of the body becomes unbalanced and out of proper alignment.

I am passionate about Hellerwork because I have personally benefited from receiving the work. It has completely changed the way I literally carry myself through life.

Hellerwork is transformational bodywork that is designed to align your body with gravity and improve your posture. It is amazing because it actually changes the way you carry yourself within your body and that change ripples out into everything in your life.

Although Hellerwork may be effective for temporary pain or tension relief, I recognize that pain and tension are usually the result of an overall pattern of imbalance occurring in the body. Rather than treating the pain or symptom of this imbalance, Hellerwork focuses on rebalancing the entire body.


My intensive Hellerwork training certification program required over 1200 hours of anatomy, psychology, and kinesiology.


Hellerwork Structural Integration is offered as a complete program for rebalancing the entire body. The series is 11 sessions, organized to build awareness and integrate the body in a systematic manner. But, many people come in for a specific problem that requires only one or two sessions.


Since Hellerwork involves vigorous deep tissue massage, it is sometimes described as uncomfortable, yet many clients find the therapy very relaxing and fall asleep! If you are sensitive or afraid that there will be pain, do not worry we will work within your limits.

Hellerwork should be avoided by those who have rheumatoid arthritis or other serious inflammatory conditions.

Hellerwork can be modified to accommodate pregnant women.


60 minutes $75

90 minutes $110



“INSPIRATION” – Section 1 – ribcage, arms, shoulders, and hips; expands the chest for deeper breath and aligns the ribcage over the pelvis

“STANDING ON YOUR OWN 2 FEET” – Section 2 – feet and legs; aligns ankles and knees to bring bodyweight over the arches of the feet

“REACHING OUT” – Section 3 – lateral mid-line; aligns sides by releasing shoulders, arms, and sides

“CONTROL & SURRENDER” – Section 4 – medial mid-line; releases muscles of the insides of legs and pelvic floor

“THE GUTS” – Section 5 – pelvis and front of spine; horizontalizes the pelvis in order to support our “guts”

“HOLDING BACK” – Section 6 – entire spine and back of legs; releases deep muscles of the back

“LOSING YOUR HEAD” – Section 7 – head and neck; releases tension in head, neck, and face; aligns head over torso

“THE FEMININE” – Section 8 – facilitates movement; remove lower body rotation(s); balance muscles in lower body

“THE MASCULINE” – Section 9 – facilitates movement; remove upper body rotation(s); balance muscles in upper body

“INTEGRATION” – Section 10 – all major joints; overall balance

“EMPOWERMENT” – Section 11 – taking results out into everyday life and keep awareness present